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  Business Network and Telecom Systems

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PostSubject: Business Network and Telecom Systems   Mon Feb 14, 2011 8:21 am

Professionals will work with you to determine the best solutions for your business, which is especially helpful in a world that's constantly changing what comes to technology.

Global Telecom literally has the expertise of thousands of experienced professionals who can give you what you need when you need it.

1. Telephone services

Specific telephone services include:

2. Cross-border telecom service

For businesses expanding into the US.

Global Telecom also offers contact center, IP telephony, MPLS, Internet, and cloud-based solutions, as well as co-location services, to businesses "crossing the border."

3. Voice services

New technologies are emerging every day, with voice solutions to accept you. Global Telecom has the capability to serve business needs for those needing long-distance and local access service as usual, but also offers voice over IP for better productivity, and do not call solutions for businesses who want to be compliant with "do not call list" requirements and yet still have the ability to take advantage of qualified leads whenever possible.

4. Security managed services

Security managed services offer complete security systems, including monitoring, maintenance, and integration, so that you can protect your proprietary information and technology without worry.

5. Hosting managed services

Instead of having to deal with the headaches in extra costs of maintaining your own hosting needs, utilize Global Telecom's expertise and resources, including data centers that are technologically superior and secure.

6. Network managed services

Whatever your network needs, including voice, WAN, LAN, virtual private networks, or voice, optimize and utilize your networks to their fullest with Global Telecom's comprehensive management services.

7. Voice managed services

Global Telecom offers effective, flexible communication tools to optimize your business communication needs and collaborative efforts.

8. Other tools

No Panic Computing Notebook Computer. If your team has need for very secure, professionally set up notebook computer use and connectivity, Global Telecom has a business laptop that it will set up for you, utilizing the knowledge of our team of experts in data, security, and technology.

Professional services

9. Business professional services

In addition to our technological services, Global Telecom also offers business analysis professional services, whereby your business is thoroughly analyzed in all areas, so that the right solutions can be found.

10. Network solutions professional services

With network solutions professional services, wireless network and IP convergence are streamlined for best efficiency, so that for efficiency, so that the technology you use fits your objectives.

11. Security professional services

Systems design, management and implementation, as well as risk assessment and strategy development, all have to be brought into line with compliance requirements and security needs. Security professional services as offered by Global Telecom can bring everyone on the same page.

12. Contact center professional services

If your business utilizes a contact center, improve success by allowing Global Telecom to offer solutions with technology and a perspective that comes from industry experience, all from the point of view of the customer. This improves customer service, which makes your business more successful.

13. Business transformation professional services

Give yourself a competitive advantage and grow your business by managing performance and working on improvements, optimizing asset management, and undertaking resource planning for best use.

14. Web solutions professional services

Maximize business resources as they pertain to the Web and electronic services delivery by utilizing Global Telecom's solutions and applications focused on information management, digital marketing, and much more.

15. Systems and storage professional services

Business growth can be maximized if you optimize IT storage and systems. Global Telecom will take a look at current challenges and solve problems with its expertise and access to information services, virtualization, internetworking and much more.

This is just a brief overview of what Global Telecom can do for you.

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Business Network and Telecom Systems
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